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Obstruction LED signaling for aviation and general use in industry, for hazardous areas or not.
L864 Red LED Beacons
With thousands of installed units on every type of aviation obstruction from antenna towers to wind turbines, our L864 medium intensity LED red beacon has a proven record reducing maintenance and energy costs. The signal is certified by ETL to the rigorous FAA standards and compliant to ICAO, Canadian & DGAC Aviation Regulations.
L864 / L865 Dual Red / White LED Beacons
An industry first, Dialight offers an FAA certified all LED dual L864 / L865 type red / white medium intensity beacon that is ETL certified to the FAA requirements and compliant to the ICAO and DGAC standards.
L810 Red LED Obstruction Lights
The Dialight L-810 red steady burn obstruction light was the first LED device to be certified by ETL to the rigorous FAA standards It is available in a range of voltages from 12 volts to 230 volts and in single or dual configurations.
L810 RTO Series Red LED Obstruction Lights
A true LED retro-fit solution designed to upgrade your incandescent fixture or new applications. The RTO series is certified to the FAA and Transport Canada requirements and compliant to the ICAO & DGAC standards. A universal power supply allows the supply voltage to range from 12 VDC and 120 to 230 VAC, 50/60hz. Available as a retro-fit, single or double obstruction light
LED Visual Signal Lights
The Dialight Visual Signal Light is an LED BASED Class 1, Division 2 certified fixture. Used for visual indication in hazardous environments, providing a valuable solution to the petrochemical industry facilities.