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MICROARS represents US Company Dialight Corporation, the world leader in applied LED technology for industrial and commercial users, offering a wide variety of products including: Industrial Lighting for general use areas and hazardous locations, Industrial Signaling and Obstruction Lighting (Aviation), Urban Lighting (streets, tunnels, accent lighting for facades and structures).

As a way of enriching the most of LED Lighting Energy Efficiency Project of its Customers, MICROARS also develops the lighting design, using renowned lighting software AGi32, and helps in the expected solution's return on investment analysis.

Benefits of using LED Technology for lighting:

     • Longer life – 100 thousand hours
     • Greater economy saving: significant installed electrical power reduction (Watts) and         power consumption (KWh)
     • No infrared or ultraviolet radiation
     • Does not contain mercury or any aggressive product to the environment – comply with         ROHS directive
     • High Power Factor
     • Very low maintenance and repair costs
     • High Color Rendering Index

Nineteen percent of the world electricity consumption is due to lighting , which major part is non domestic applications. Worldwide adoption of LED technology for lighting might reduce electricity consumption approximately in 10%. This means a great reduction in CO2 emission.